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At Bison Risk Management Associates, we are very selective with whom we will do business.  We're even more selective with businesses we will recommend.  We understand that when we recommend another company, if they don't perform to the expectations of our customer, that will reflect poorly on us.
All of the companies listed below are current, trusted business partners of Bison whom we use ourselves.  We don't just recommend these businesses, we strongly recommend them.
Click the images below and you'll be taken directly to their site where you'll receive the same top-notch service Bison has received.
In the spirit of full disclosure, Bison may (or may not) receive a referral fee from these partners.  In any event, YOUR price for the service is NEVER increased because of this.  In fact, your price may be reduced as a result of using our links

Center Mass Shooting Range is a full-service indoor shooting range and pro shop located in Vacaville, California.  They have a total of 12 indoor shooting lanes - eight at 17 yards and four at 25 yards.  They also have classroom facilities that can accommodate up to 30 students.

They sell a full range firearms and related products, such as cleaning supplies, ammunition, targets, range bags and eye/ear protection.  Center Mass Shooting Range rents pistols for use on their range, and offer a full line of pistols and rifles for sale.

Bison Risk Management Associates is the exclusive handgun trainer for Center Mass Shooting Range.

We have used for the past 3 years, both on a business basis, as well as on a personal basis.  They have flawlessly handled Bison's incorporation, other trademark research, as well as personal wills and trusts.  Never a problem, wonderful customer service, GREAT pricing.


Hypermart has handled our web hosting needs since 2001.  Their standard offerings are some of the best in the market.  They can handle everything from simple, informational web sites, to complex Internet commerce sites.  They have hundreds of web site templates to allow you to get a site up quickly, as well as FTP services if you want to use a professional service to design your site.
A wonderful (included) feature is their email service.  It can immediately give your business a look of professionalism with your business email address.  No more need to use a Yahoo or Gmail address for your business.  You can proudly include an email address from YOUR site (such as

Constant Contact is one of our newest partners.  We began using them in 2008 to handle our Newsletter services.  They have all of the legal anti-Spam processes in place so that your newsletters meet the requirements of the law.
Their package includes a number of templates that allow you to set it up once, and all further newsletters are a simple matter of cut-and-paste and off they go! Their standard package allows up to 500 email recipients with an unlimited number of newsletters sent each month.
As an added bonus, by using our link, you will receive a $30 credit - equal to 2 months of standard charges.
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